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The relationship between canine and owner is a unique connection. With Powers Proper Canines, you get the finest certified Dog Trainer to change and create behaviors you desire in your dog. My proven techniques and unique approach have helped owners across the greater Seattle area train dogs just like yours. Contact me today to get started!

At Your Service

Private Lessons
Receive individualized advice and instruction from basic obedience and house manners to advanced obedience you can use in AKC competitions.

Board And Train
Board And Trains provide the most in-depth training for not only your dog but the owners as well. All board and trains get extensive team training. This program is great for vacation time or when in need of a break from the behavior issues the family has been experiencing with the dog. 

AKC Canine Good Citizen Certifications
We offer training and testing for the following AKC Certification

CGC, CGCA, CGCU, STAR(Puppy Level)

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The Three Training Principles


Links behaviors with consequences

Timing has to do with the way our dogs process cause and effect. Studies have shown that our dogs have 1.3 seconds to associate a behavior with a consequence. Positive behaviors must have a positive consequence within 1.3 seconds and a negative behavior must have a negative consequence within that 1.3 seconds. To assist in proper timing we use "markers'' such as "good," "yes," or "no" to mark the second our dog acts out a behaior.


Gives your dog a reason to work

Motivation is what we use to influence our dog's decision making process and how we reward our dogs is imperative. All rewards must be physical, we use petting, food or toys. We want our dogs to work for that motivation and if the motivation isn't rewarding enough our dogs will find "self-rewarding behaviors;" for instance eating out of the trash or counter surfing.


Creates good attitude, habits and clear communication

Consistency is key to clear communication between us and our dogs. This means promptly reacting the same way every time to any significant behavior your dog acts out. Our rules have to be very black and white for the dog. This means every time we give our dog a command it needs to be followed up with a positive or negative consequence immediately. Every time we miss an opportunity to enforce our commands we lose the ability to influence our dogs decision making.

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Dog Walker


About Me

From Veterinary Assistant to Professional Groomer to Trainer I have acquired twelve years of experience and education in many fields of the canine industry. I pride myself on the knowledge that each breed has specific characteristics and within those characteristics lies our dogs unique personality. I will work with your dog to give them the individual guidance they need. Whether you’re thinking of adding a new dog to your family or already have a dog with behavioral problems, I am here to help. 

            Certified Dog Trainer and 

 American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

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3107 49th Ave NE Tacoma WA 98422

(206) 816-0434

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