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Overnight Boarding

Over the years, training clients have repeatedly asked if we would open our home to board their dog overnight. Over 10 years ago we opened boarding services and today have over 20 clients who trust us numerous times a year to care for their pet overnight. 

We are not a boarding facility. We are a family who loves dogs and we treat your dog like a member of our family while they are here. That being said, SAFETY is our number one priority. The majority of our clients are kennel trained but it is not a requirement.

Many of our clients dogs do not prefer to interact with other dogs or kids. We take great care in ensuring that all dogs who stay with us have their own play time and each dogs personal needs are met with care. We want your dog to come home HAPPY!

What's Included?

  • Personal / Individualized play time in/outside.

  • Individual walks multiple times a day.

  • Free roam of backyard.

  • Physical /Mental enrichment activities.

Daily Fee


$ 70 / Day

  • We charge the day you drop off regardless of time.

  • Pickups before 11 am are not charged a daily fee.

Safety is a Priority

  • Boarding room monitored 24/7.

  • Climate controlled environment.

  • Backyard fully fenced & monitored 24/7.

  • All dogs eat in a kennel and do not share food or water bowls.

  • No dog-on-dog interactions.

  • No more than one dog in yard at a time.

  • CPR certified.

  • Close relationship with emergency and non-emergency veterinarian.

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