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Board And Train

Board And Trains provide your dog with one of the most important key elements of training, "consistency". We work your dog into a sustainable routine that can easily transition home. This program is designed so that we do all the work to teach and work on behavioral problems while the dog is with us. After their time here we work with you in our hours of team training. 

Hank working on his new commands
Penny and Walter, they are here for our
Sweet Bleu dog, this is his progression
COOPER ❤️🐶 he will be with us for the n
Wouldn't it be nice to run in and grab y
Meet Pepe he will be available for adopt
Happy Fathers Day from PPK9! We Hope You
❤️🐶 CHEWY  generalizing our Down “stay”
BAXTER just sitting waiting to cross the
Leo starting his Climb command today, th

What is Team Training and how does your dogs training transitions home after their stay. Your team training are your private lessons where you will learn all the commands, rules and routine we create for your dog and your family. We will teach you how to implicate your dogs new rules and how to be consistent at home. We will not only focus on the principles of dog training Timing, Motivation and Consistency, but also leadership and state of mind aspects. We will teach you how to troubleshoot any challenges that come up in your home as well as in the future. This will ensure you won't see those old unwanted behaviors again. 

Basic Obedience Package & Advanced Obedience Package 

These programs are tailored to you and your dog. Some dogs may require more time than others.

Each Package comes with ''Powers Proper Manners" this includes waiting at the door before going outside, no jumping on people and most importantly teaching your dog to focus on you.. 

Basic Obedience Command List






Focus Work

Free(release command)


All these commands are extended distance and duration,your dog will also learn a recall to a sit front

We teach these commands as well as work on any behavior issues you are seeing in your dog. 

Weekly training

$1,000 with a two week minimum (equipment sold separately)

Behavior Modification

This program is designed for dogs that are exhibiting dog aggression, fear aggression, human aggression, fear issues, anxiety and a history of biting.  

We offer Advanced O.B Commands in




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Contact us for custom day training package for your O.B needs. 

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