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Behavior Modification

Using our low-level, communication-style remote collar training, dogs in The Behavior Modification Program will learn the fallowing:

Walking properly on a leash without pulling, barking, lunging, sniffing or reacting to other dogs and /or distractions



Climb command

Recall training (with distractions)

Calm on Command Training-having your dog be calm in all situations, without him/her having to be worn out with hours of play time. 


Dog aggression issues-biting or attacking other dogs.


Eliminating unwanted behaviors-jumping up on people, jumping on countertops, mouthing, nipping, chasing, playing keep-away.


This Program is tailored to your dog. 

Some dogs may require more time than others.

Dogs with true aggression problems will be a solid four weeks. 


Weekly Training $1,000 per week. 


Equipment Package sold separately.

Includes, one remote collar by E-Collar Technologies.

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