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We offer Training and Testing for the above AKC Certifications


 Training for these Certifications can be incorporated into Private Lessons and Day Training. Not only are these great for your dog to have as a title but they can also be great in the event you are renting a house or apartment or a unfortunate dog fight happens you can prove that your dog has had training. Check out for more information on the CGC Certifications.


STAR (puppy level) $100 in addition to a four week Basic Day Training Program. STAR (puppy level) must be done before one year of age.


CGC $150 in addition to a four week Basic Day Training Program.

CGGA & CGCU $250 in addition to a four week Advanced Day Training Program. 


CGC testing only, will be held seperately with Events posted on our Facebook and Instagram. Contact us with any questions or to inquire about our next CGC Testing Event. 

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AKC Certifications

AKC Canine Good Citizen - AKC Community Canine - Canine Good Citizen Urban

 STAR(puppy level)

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